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‘Take me back home’ – Athlete Twayne Crooks asked to be buried in Jamaica

Twayne Crooks dreamt of being the next big track star, but that dream was cut short last Sunday. The 23-year-old Jamaican athlete died from stage four stomach cancer in New Orleans, USA, and now his family is seeking help to bring his body home.

“The Saturday he said to me, ‘Mommy, God forbid anything happen to me, I want to go back to Jamaica, I want to go back to Jamaica to bury’,” his mother, Joy Garvey said!

She said that the family members are worried that they would not be able to honour his final request, so they created a GoFundMe account to help with the cost to bring him home.

“It’s going to be a lot [of money] especially because I spend a lot of money going up and down there, and the tests cost too,” she said.

Garvey said her son began feeling slight stomach pains since June of this year, but they didn’t see it as a cause for alarm.

“I went to his competition in May and Twayne was ripping up the track. Twayne didn’t look like somebody sick,” she added.

“He was feeling a little pain in June. He was on vacation in Jamaica, in July, and he went back up in New Orleans because he had to go to school. About three weeks ago, they called and said I had to come down because my son is sick bad,” she said.

Crooks died one week after he was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer.

“They kept doing tests, doing tests and they couldn’t find nothing, until last Sunday they told me that my son has stage four stomach cancer, and then he died the next Sunday,” she said.

Garvey said the family is still in disbelief, as Crooks, a former Kingston College, Vere Technical High School, Denbigh High School and UTech athlete had a promising track career.

“Even when he was on the hospital bed, all that was on his mind was going back on the track, go back to run, he loved his career. He told me, ‘Mommy, just as when I am ready to take care of you and daddy, I got sick’, and he was doing so well,” she said.

“He was fighting, he said ‘Mommy be strong, because I have to get back on the track” she said.

Crooks was attending the Southern University at New Orleans.

Persons who want to assist Crooks family can donate to his GoFundMe account here; https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-bring-twayne-home

Source: Jamaica Star

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