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TRIPPING PRANK leaves students nursing injuries | News

Simone Morgan-Lindo A schoolgirl who was hurt in the dangerous ‘Jump Trip Challenge’ said she thought that jumping in front of her fellow students was part of a routine worked out by two group members with whom she was making a presentation. “I honestly didn’t know that it was a …

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Several guns and ammunition seized in Spanish Town | News

Three illegal weapons, along with sixty rounds of assorted ammunition, were recovered in the Lakes Pen community of Spanish Town, St Catherine, yesterday.  According to reports, at approximately 10:06 am on Thursday, a joint Police/Military mobile patrol team approached four armed men who reportedly opened fire. The patrol team returned fire …

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ONE-MINUTE READS … News from around the region

 HAITI Fire kills 15 children in orphanage The orphanage where 15 children died on Thursday night in a fire was in a deplorable state before the blaze, according to Raymonde Antoine Jean, justice of the peace of… Source for this article Share on: WhatsApp

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Denham Town being transformed under ZOSO | News

Residents of Denham Town in west Kingston are glad for the transformation that their community is undergoing, thanks to the establishment of a zone of special operations (ZOSO). Roadways that have been in a state of disrepair for years have been given attention, zinc fences have been coming down, residents …

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55 years as a farmworker – Augustus Morgan says he has never thought of running off | News

St Thomas native Augustus Morgan has been participating in the farm work programme for 55 years. Morgan, who first travelled on the programme in 1965 as an 18-year-old, is now 73, is one of the eldest participants, and he claims to be “fit and ready to go and give it …

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Businessman murdered in churchyard | News

A man was murdered on the grounds of a church in Kingston yesterday, moments after he exited his vehicle and was about the make his way to the place of worship. The victim, Wayne Stanbury, is said to have survived a gun attack last year. He headed Berry-don Financial Services, …

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Valentine’s Day party ends tragically after man stabs cousin to death | News

Residents in the Black Lane district of Craig Head in the parish were left bewildered and distraught after what was thought to be a reconcilable feud between two cousins ended in a fatal stabbing. One man was taken into custody by detectives assigned to the Manchester Police Division following a …

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Two of the JDF’s M16 rifles still missing | News

Two guns that went missing from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) base at Up Park Camp are yet to be found. The camp was virtually on lockdown Saturday after a check of the inventory revealed that two weapons were missing. THE STAR understands that the missing guns are two M16 …

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Western Union Portmore branch closed after thieves break-in | News

The Portmore Pines Western Union will remain closed for at least a week following a break in on Wednesday night.  According to reports, criminals entered the St Catherine location by digging through a hole in the wall. Don Wehby, Group chief executive officer of GraceKennedy Limited, had initially stated that the …

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Bring back the peace – August Town residents wish for return of 2016 unity | News

Alicia Barrett STAR Writer In 2016, the war-torn rural St Andrew community of August Town achieved the unthinkable, zero murders. Residents may have felt that their community was on its way to becoming as crime free as Accompong in St Elizabeth. That maroon community has not had a murder in …

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