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Widespread Condemnation Springs From Dangerous Tripping Jump Challenge

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, JTA, Owen Speid, has joined other Education stakeholders in appealing for an end to the dangerous Tripping Jump prank. It’s also known as the skull breaker prank. The Education Ministry has confirmed that a boy at Meadowbrook High School in St Andrew broke his …

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Education Ministry Warns Against Dangerous Trip Jump Challenge

The Ministry of Education is urging school administrators and the wider community to crack down on a dangerous prank called the Jump Trip Challenge or the Tripping Jump Challenge. In a statement over the weekend, the Ministry notes that there are several videos being circulated on the Internet showing students …

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Saweetie Spazz On Quavo For Doing Viral “Broom Challenge” Watch The Clip

Have you tried the #BroomChallenge? Quavo has — and managed to piss off his girlfriend in the process. For those who don’t know, Twitter went a little crazy on Monday as thousands on the social media network posted videos of themselves trying to keep a broom upright. The challenge apparently …

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