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Stuck between a Soldier and a Scammer

Dear Jamaica,

I don’t know how I got myself in this position but it all started when my high school boyfriend graduated and joined the JDF. They placed him to work on the other side of the country and the distance started to become an issue.The thought that you cannot trust soldiers started to play on my mind  then I met this other guy last year, even though he didn’t say it, I’m sure he’s a scammer, but not a typical Jamaican scammer. He is very intelligent and smart. 

Both of them think they are my main man and they are both suspicious I am cheating. I am scared because of the many cases of police officers and soldiers murdering their spouses and my other boyfriend threatened me the other day. 

The thing is I love both of them and they both serve different purposes. The soldier helps with my tuition and the scammer keeps me looking good and ensure money is always in my account, and he is always around unlike the soldier who I only see once per month.

The problem is, the soldier asked me to marry him as soon as I finish university and I am in my last year. There was no way I could say no, but I don’t know how to tell the scammer. Also I feel guilty for cheating and keeping secrets from the man that i’ll be marrying. What do I do?

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