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Spragga Benz Says Cops Constantly Harased Him After Son’s Murder

Spragga Benz

Spragga Benz has addressed why he has maintained a low profile on the Jamaican Dancehall scene.

Spragga Benz says he intentionally kept a low profile following his son’s 2008 murder due to police harassment.

According to the veteran deejay, he felt very uncomfortable with the events that took place after his son’s murder. The deejay admitted that for a time he was genuinely fearful for his life.

“Career did always alright. Mi did just haffi keep mi safety enuh caw dem did a pree mi like dem did waa murder mi bohyah…. So mi did just haffi teck miself from dem way a likkle bit and meck dem see seh tings happen widout Spragga same way, an mi deh yah same way cause a music me deal wid.”

“And truth be told, after dem murder mi son, dem call mi in and have mi as person of interest couple times well; seize mi firearm, claim seh mi involve inna shooting and all dem way deh, do all a dem forensics, find out dat nothing is wrong, I didn’t do anything and dem still hold on pon mi ting and a bait me up at di same time and a seh me involve inna war, like dem want people who don’t know di truth fi pree mi. But time haffi be di master and mek people know dat I am here now to continue my career,” he said.

The 50-year-old deejay made the comments during a recent Onstage interview with Winford Williams. When asked if the situation was resolved he told Williams that he was unsure but more calm about it.

“I wouldn’t seh it ova but it reach a point weh mi duh weh mi need fi duh and anyting a anyting,” he said.

Back in June 2011, a 12-member jury found two police officers charged with the murder of Spragga’s son not guilty.

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