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Spice Furious Over ‘Leaked’ Bedroom Video

Queen of drama Spice is at it with the controversy again.

This time it’s about a ‘leaked’ photo and video that she says her dancers have been circulating on social media in a bid destroy her image. The photo shows Spice in bed with two men. In a short video that spice released on her instagram, the female is overheard saying she has “never done anything like this before”.

Spice took to Instagram today to blast her ‘former dancers’ and to let her fans know that it is not her. The video caption reads “Stop sending around videos cause my fans know “This ain’t me” 🤬 “

In another photo (sbown below), Spice commented “My X dancer Pretty Pretty I know its You and your friends have this picture a send round and think you smart. Remember a unu alone know my password. Rebel inna hospital and Tc know bout it and nah talk so make mi post it fi my self cause clearly this don’t even look like me #Tryagain#TrustnoOne

Pretty Pretty promptly commented under the photo “First ting first mek me clear the air cause me would a neva tek out picture out a yuh phone and post no where cause me nav dat precious time and me afi comment yasso cause yuh delete we out a di group and block we but kl”

Spice’s other dancer, known only as TC wrote “Weh mi fi stay from know bout dis aye lady nuh call mi name an nuh tell nuh lie pan mi!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 yuh always quick fi wah throw tings pan people yuh realize I stay out the mix don’t call mi name in a yuh baga baga”

Many users believe this is just a publicity stunt by Spice for an upcoming video.

One user commented under the video “Dem fool nuh seee say a video mumma a job great job it will Trend #1 when drop 👏👏👏👏👏👏 “

Another commented “Roll Out With The PR Stunt Auntie Gracie 😂 “

Another seemingly frustrated fan had this to say “Boy i’m just tired of all this publicity stunting to get attention. All these nowadays artists do is manipulate their fans just to stay relevant… It seems as if they’re lacking creativity…kmt”

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