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Sex addict takes two ‘wives’

Jamaica-born United States resident Niko McKenzie says he is having the time of his life, having committed himself to two women who he is convinced are deserving of his heart.

The 27-year-old said he loves both women and is planning to start a family with both women soon.

“It has been great and lots of fun. Both of my girls never argue and fight with each other. I am the one who is always starting arguments so both of them would always gang up on me, but overall my relationship is fun…we are happy,” he said between laughter.

Loosely defined, a throuple is a committed, intimate relationship that includes three persons. The genders can vary, but the popular formation of the throuple is two females and one male. McKenzie, a security officer who calls Miami home, said he and his first girlfriend’s relationship goes back to middle school and it was during that time that he met her friend.

“Me and the second girl were not a couple or anything but the good thing about it is they both knew each other and they were friends. After that, I was in and out of jail for a while and ended up going to prison for about five years,” he said.

McKenzie said he reconnected with both females after serving his sentence.

“I began dating the second girl and afterward my first girl found out that I was talking to her friend, and I was back and forth with both girls. It caused a bit of animosity, especially when it comes on to attention, because both of them wanted my attention. But I was taking turns,” he said.


While smoking a joint (spliff) one day, the Ocho Rios-born McKenzie came up with a brilliant idea.

“One day we were chilling outside and that’s when it came to my mind that instead of going back and forth, I could just have both of them. I just made it blunt with them that I wanted both of them to be my girlfriend and they both looked at each other and got quiet for a while, and then say said ‘Yes’,” McKenzie recalled.

He proudly shows off both his women on his social media pages and while he is glorified by some, he has faced many negative criticisms; but he stated that he is unbothered. He said that he has found a way to cash in on his intense sex drive and is a part-time cyber-hustler who uses the name ‘Big Boy Jamaican’. He sometimes makes sex videos, posts them online and watches his account grow as people pay to see him in action.


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