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Pregnant For My Pastor, Boyfriend Doesn’t Know.

Dear Intelligent Jamaica,

It all started when I  when I graduated Utech, I was unemployed at the time and so was my boyfriend. One night I went to a prayer meeting as my student loan payments were overdue and the student loan bureau sent me a threatening letter saying I should come up with the money or legal actions would be taken. I tried borrowing from friends and relatives but I had no luck.In a private conversation, the pastor offered to assist me, the only condition is that I would have to pay him back when I got a job. I agreed and the student loan was partially paid.

Months passed and he asked me to accompany him on a business trip , he said some business friends of his would be there and it would be an opportunity for me to get a good job. We went to a very luxurious hotel in Hanover. He said we arrived early so we could get further acquainted. We explored the hotel while we spoke, he complained about his life, marriage and the challenges he’s facing as a pastor. I spoke about my challenges as well and we both exchanged advice.

The meeting happened and I was told I would get a job in a matter of days. I was so excited, my loan was being paid and I was on my way to getting a good paying job. It felt like heaven.

The pastor left with his friends after he booked a suite at the hotel and told me to rest, “order anything you like!”. I had a few drinks at the bar before i went back to the room, I was feeling a little tipsy so i laid down.He came back close to midnight saying his vehicle had issues and we had to spend the night, I could definitely tell that I wasn’t the only one who was drinking. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. 

He woke me up at 6 in the morning and he took me home in another vehicle, on the way he said what happened was “natural”, he also said “Don’t tell anyone about it, don’t even pray about it. Not even Jesus must hear about this…”. I was so ashamed, I didn’t set foot back in that church until the day I missed my period and discovered that I was pregnant. 

I spoke with the pastor and now he’s telling me to get an abortion. I am so confused right now. My boyfriend still doesn’t know. He’s trying to reach out to me, but I am so ashamed that I keep pushing him away. I honestly don’t know what to do and the student loan bureau wants the rest of their money now and the job I was promised still hasn’t come through.

Any advice would really be helpful…

Don't be Badmind!

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