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Migos Rappers Quavo & Takeoff Share Reaction To Trying Jamaican Patty & Coco Bread For First Time

Migos members Quavo and Takeoff were in for a pleasant surprise recently after they tried Jamaican patty and coco bread for the first time. Earlier this week Migos member Takeoff shared his experience of getting his first taste of the tasty Jamaican staple while dining at a Brooklyn Buff Pattyshop …

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Complex iOS 13 exploit allows viewing of contacts without unlocking iPhone

A new exploit shows how someone could bypass an iPhone’s passcode, FaceID, or TouchID requirements to view the contact information of an iPhone running iOS 13. A video uploaded to YouTube by Jose Rodriguez illustrates using a VoiceOver and Siri exploit can give unrestricted access to view contacts stored on …

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Samsung is working on its own version of Apple’s Deep Fusion feature

Apple announced the so-called “Deep Fusion” feature on its iPhone 11-series smartphones the other day, promising excellent photos thanks to an advanced machine-learning algorithm. Details were scarce but it sounded a lot like Google Pixel’s HDR+. And according to the latest rumors, Samsung is working on a version of its …

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