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My Neighbor keeps Stealing My Clothespins

Dear Jamaica,

I am so stressed. My neighbour and her children keep stealing my clothespins. I just can’t seem to catch them in the act but i know it’s them. Whenever I hang my clothes to dry, hours later some are always without clothespin and none are under the line. It’s like she’s always waiting on me to hang out clothes before she washes, once I even delayed washing for two weeks and she didn’t wash either.

Last week Thursday I came in from work early and decided to wash. After hanging the last piece of clothes on the line, the rain started falling so I ran inside, leaving, the bath, the clothespin basket and the fabric softener outside. The rain continued falling even in the night so I forgot and just stayed indoors. When I got up the next morning, about half the clothespins gone and the fabric softener thin out. Her son came by to ask for my wifi password and the scent was so strong, I thought he was bathing in the fabric softener.

As soon as anyone leaves the house, they would come over and help themselves to my guinep tree. Last week I spotted her on the town just 20 minutes after I left home, there she was with two big bunches of guinep, on her way to share it with her friends. They don’t even have the decency to hide what they’re doing. They leave the seeds right under the tree for me to rake up. Mi vex so till!! If yu cut mi, yu no find no blood.

I am so frustrated and I don’t know what to do. Someone said I should steal them back but I am a christian, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I have no real evidence to confront them or call the police. What’s the best advice you can give?

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