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‘Mi Wi Kill Yuh In Yah’… Pembroke Hall Teacher Under Probe After Threatening Student

The administration at the Pembroke Hall High School in St Andrew has launched a high-level probe into an incident in which a teacher threatened a child with violence yesterday.

The incident was captured on video and is being circulated through social media.

“Mi wi kill you in yah bwoy,” the teacher told the student.

She was reprimanding him for talking out of turn.

In response, the student raised his voice at the teacher, further infuriating her.

“Weh yah shout after mi fah? Mi look like you mumma?” she asked the boy.

The boy retorted, asking the teacher, why was she telling him about his mother.

This angered the teacher, who suggested that the student was handicapped and senseless.

“Did the teacher tell you bout yuh mumma a while ago likkle bwoy?” she asked. “Mi wi mash up you face inna dis!”


The enraged teacher would continue in a tirade for another minute, telling the child: “Yuh nuh have nuh sense, nuh come in yah, cause mi nuh play wid pickney.”

Eventually, the teacher, saying, “mi head nuh nice”, chased the child out of the classroom.

“First of all mi mash up pickney head in here,” she said. “Mi wi murder you inna dis.”

The boy, on leaving the classroom told the teacher that she was threatening him.

“That’s a promise! Go tell the police that,” she replied.

This morning, Principal Reverend Claude Ellis denounced the teacher’s behaviour saying an immediate probe has been launched.

Ellis said, as part of the probe, the teacher has been asked to provide a written statement accounting for what happened.

He said he the written report is due this morning.

According to the principal, the school board chairman and the acting chief education officer have also been advised about the incident.

“We will handle the matter,” Ellis sought to assure, adding that once statements are collected, the matter will be turned over to the board for action to be taken.

He has also responded to allegations that the teacher has had a history of inappropriate behaviours.

“Since I have been at Pembroke Hall for the past two and a half years, this is the first time I’m dealing with a matter of this nature,” he said.

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