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‘Mi business mash up’ – Woman says coronavirus quarantine facility will hinder her livelihood | News

Princess was not a pleased woman when she took to the street in front of the St Joseph’s Hospital on Monday to protest, after hearing that the institution will be used as a quarantine facility for persons who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

She told THE STAR that she is angry that the quarantine area is in a place that she considers her backyard, but more so because she has lost her clients because persons have been relocated.

“Mi sell mi nice clean things (clothes) dem and all a mi customers dem gone because dem affi go different place. How mi a go reach dem and mi nuh have no handcart to push and go? And even so, me not even know where they are,” she said.

On Sunday, permanent secretary in the health ministry, Dunstan Bryan, during a community meeting, said that business owners who were on the hospital property have moved because they cannot have people traversing a quarantine space.

He indicated that the only persons who are currently left on the property are the six doctors. However, Princess said this works against her business because now, she is without her regular buyers.

“Mi stall deh right a the corner. St Joseph’s a mi backyaad, so you can imagine when you wah use you backyaad fi light up you coal stove you can dweet. Most a mi customers, like the doctors and the nurse dem, know mi. Dem a mi good customers and now dem gone,” she said.


She said that she has four children to care for and because of the government’s decisions, people are going to brand the community.

“A five years now mi deh yah and I’m a mother of four. So mi caa mek because a this caylissniss yah everything just mash up. People a brand wi and start avoid wi, so weh wi a go do now?” she asked.

Bryan said the ministry had no choice but to choose St Joseph’s as it was one of the best places for quarantining.

“We have no choice. We must prepare and we must utilise the resources we have to protect you, me and every citizen in this country. We understand that this is uncomfortable. This is our best option,” he said.

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