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Louie Rankin’s Baby Mother Speaks

With so much controversy surrounding the death of famous Jamaican actor and singer Louie Rankin. His baby mother had to step in to explain the whole situation surrounding his death and pending burial.

Known only by her Instagram username “jewlzchaotic”, she posted the following message for all to see.

“Not that I need to explain myself to ANYONE but insurance money is tied up as his accident is still under investigation. He made most of his money late 80’s early 90’s.”

He had not finalized his divorce so his legal wife gets everything. Yesi have 2 jobs. I am a manger of a restaurant, full time mother and exec asst to Louie.

I had savings and so did he but we invested everything in his new album which was not cheap to finish.

Funerals in Canada for the average person costs $15000 to $20000. He helped me raise my other 2 children from babies and was their father in all senses except blood. And to top it all off he spent THOUSANDS off CDN money every time he went to Jamaica giving to the needy.

You all think foreign life so easy. We have mortgage payments, car payments, hydro and water, food, car insurance, childcare costs Smh you all think you know so much. If we hadnt spent half the money we did helping ppl in Jamaica we would be ok right now.

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