Koffee’s Prophet Hates Jamaica – Friend Says




She always gets visions for Jamaica but hardly gets them for where she lives. I remember in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew was to hit JA, she was saying on her FB page, yes go right there and God fi send it there cause we this and that and I said nothing, I found it very distasteful but I said nothing.

At this time I was in a group she created and was helping her plan her prayer breakfast. Anyhow, Mattew didn’t bother to come and go straight a Florida in her background. I posted on my FB page, “(this is why people must not wish bad for other countries cause anything can happen, anyhow, God have mercy on those affected by his storm. Thank God for mercy.)”

She unfriended me and text me personally and said she don’t need my help anymore concerning the prayer breakfast. I was shocked, this coming from a person who says they after God’s heart. I didn’t try to send a friend request or keep up with her because God can use me as well. Its like once you disagree with her she cuts you off, you must not disagree with her.

I was not the only one she cut off simplebecause others express their views. I don’t watch the video so I really can’t comment but I had my experience with her. I’m not saying people can’t change and I don’t have her up either, I’m just sharing my experience.

I find it very strange everybody outside of Jamaica getting visions for Jamaica but you hardly hear people in this country saying anything. Nobody is in Jamaica that God can talk to? Its like she loves hearing some destruction coming to JA, no mercy no nothing.

Jamaica is not the only violent country, crime might not be the evil for one country but look on the Bahamas where is witchcraft is their evil and God wash off the land. Whenever God ready for any country, He will do His thing, until then, I will continue to pray for this great nation called Jamaica because I believe God wants to use this nation.

Source – Jamaican Matey & Groupie



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