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Jamaican single man helping others to find soulmates

A single man who operates a matchmaking business claims that he can help people find their soulmates. Rohan Taylor, a farmer, said he was in a relationship until recently (although he declined to say how long ago that is). He said that from time to time, he sees people on his ‘Adam and Eve date Connection’ platform, which he operates using his mobile phone, but has not found a reason to reach out to them.

“I don’t like being single,” admits the 43-year-old, who acknowledges that he “could use my platform to get someone.”

“I believe in love 100 per cent. Mi use the platform and it work out fi me, but sometime yuh know people and people nuh mesh,” he said.

Though being single, Taylor, has been actively promoting his mobile phone as the place to find love. So, if you are seeking someone, all you have to do is send $300 call credit to his mobile phone and he will hook you up with persons who are also seeking companionship.

“Mi have a list of persons because people always a call me from time to time. When people call me and ask for what they want, I try to match it. If the person doesn’t suit them, they come back and seh it and mi start the process over again,” he said.

Taylor says he aims to connect persons between the ages of 18 and 99 with their soulmates, but he admits that he seldom gets people older than 80.

He is unable to state the success rate for the connections that he has facilitated, but claims that persons have contacted him from time to time to say they have found love.

Payment by call credit

“People from overseas want people out here, and people from out here message or call me and said they want someone from overseas. People pay me in credit and sometimes they pay me more than I ask for. I post in a paper overseas so they reach out,” he said.

Taylor advertises his dating business in this newspaper. He says he is seeking to grow it as he plans to launch his dating app. In this way, he said that people can communicate online without having to call him. He said that the app, when launched, will be secure.

“Some people might be looking love and others may be looking something else, so me want to protect people in that way,” he said.

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