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Jamaica Can Now Test For New Strain Of Coronavirus, CoVID 19

Jamaica can now test for the new strain of the coronavirus, CoVID 19, that’s wreaking havoc in China and spreading fear around the world.

The country’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-Mckenzie, made the revelation during last evening’s edition of Nationwide @ 5.

Dr. Bisasor-McKenzie says as of yesterday the country has the capacity to test for the new strain of the coronavirus, CoVID 19.

She says health officials have already started utilizing the new capacity.

Meanwhile, Dr Bisasor-Mckenzie says all three persons who were in isolation have since tested negative for the deadly virus.

She says 80 people remain quarantined at home.

Meanwhile, the CMO’s refuting claims by another medical doctor who tackled Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, at a town hall meeting earlier this week on the ways the virus can be transmitted.

Dr Jephthah Ford alleged that a notable Medical Journal, the Lancet, showed the CoVid 19 can be transmitted through air particles.

Dr Bisasor-Mckenzie says some have suggested the virus could become airborne but there’s no conclusive evidence to support this claim.

She insists the virus is transmitted by droplets.

She says regardless of the mode of transmission of the new virus, the measures of prevention are the same.

Meanwhile, when asked if Dr Ford was reckless with his remarks about how the virus spreads and the Ministry’s alleged endangering of the residents of Vineyard Town and its environs, the Chief Medical Officer had this to say.

She also sought to refute a claim that the Ministry is putting residents at risk of becoming infected with CoVid 19 by designating the St Joseph’s Hospital a quarantine facility.

Dr Jacqueline Bisasor-Mckenzie, Chief Medical Officer, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Tyrone Reid and Neika Lewis.

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