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Ishawna & Dovey Magnum Beef Gets Lyrical, Dancehall Stars Preview Diss Tracks

The squabble between Ishawna and rival Dovey Magnum has escalated to a new level after both artistes previewed diss tracks.

The two female Dancehall superstars had tongues wagging over the weekend after they squared off on social media, trading a series of jabs at each other.

The fracas all began after Ishawna threw some shade towards the “Bawl Out” star by sharing a Urban Dictionary definition a slang popularized by the entertainer.

Quite a few heads turned after Ishawna posted a screenshot of the slang “p***y juju,” which she also captioned “I dont know who need to hear this but… WhatIsAJujuP***y #DatsWhyDemLoveUseDemMouthSuh.”

Dovey quickly clapped back at her rival by posting her own definition while declaring “B**chhhhhhes be Backwards ASF! Better the hoe did hol on pon @footahypemusic And continue with a FOOT forward in life.”

The two would go on to trade several more jabs at each other, which climaxed with Ishawna posting a picture of an animated character, “Bob Goblin,” implying a likeness between the two.

“Before they were “Famous” A wha do hog inna bathsuit????” #BobGoblin @doveymagnum,” She posted with the picture of the popular animated figure.

If Dancehall fans thought that was the end of the spat they were surely mistaken as both female lyricist took to Instagram to preview diss tracks for each other.

On Wednesday Ishawna sent out a lyrical warning to her rival by posting a snippet of a new track declaring “Nuh mek mi pretty face fool yuh, mi family full up a pure bad gyal.”

Dovey Magnum of course wasted no time in clapping back at the effort after she also previewed a snippet of her track “Female Shella,” which is produced by TrackStar music.

The track sees Dovey declaring that “Wha dem a talk bout Dovey wid ee magnum bawl out, nuh gyal cyaa war mi she crabbb up.”

Since the preview of both tracks have been released it seems Dancehall fans have shared their own opinions on who they think has taken a early lead in the lyrical contest.

“Dovey tekk dis though…sigh Ishy and badnis nope…Dovey’s voice alone” one fan declared while another claimed that “Ishawna kill a nexxxxxx oneeeeeeeeee.”

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