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Dear Jamaica,

I’m not usually the type of person to share my business on social media, but today I want to hear as many opinions as I can get.

My brother and I grew up in different homes but we share the same mother. He was never really smart but could always help himself. I went to university and became a teacher. My brother does farming in the countryside and has been doing really well for himself. However, we don’t have a brotherly relationship. I always thought he was jealous of me and we couldn’t get along when we were boys, so we were always a little distant with each other.

One day, while my brother went overseas on farm work, I called his wife and told her not to be a stranger, I had not seen her since they got married and she should come and meet the rest of her family instead of locking herself up in the house with the children. She took my advice and came, she was nicely dressed,  very beautiful and sexy, a woman who knew how to take care of herself. I was almost jealous of my brother for a moment.

I took her around to meet several family members and I could see that she enjoyed getting out of the house. We went out a few more times and the last occasion, she confessed that my brother never liked the idea of her getting comfortable with my side of the family.

I wanted to show her that there is nothing to fear and I wanted to prove my brother so wrong that I started treating her nicely, randomly calling her throughout the week to see if she’s okay. We started to have more consistent conversations until it was clear that we enjoyed each other’s company.

One day I was driving through her parish and thought I’d surprise her with a visit.  The children were in school and she was home alone, we sat and talked until the tension between us took over, we ended up having sex on the couch. During the ordeal, she broke down and started crying. I told her it was my fault and I was sorry. Since then, she hasn’t spoken to me, all my texts and phone calls go unanswered and I feel so terrible about it. I know my brother would never forgive her if she tells him and he would probably chop me up for if he finds out.

I feel so guilty and fearful at the same time. What should I do?

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