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Hydrating Water Jellies: Sweet Help For Dementia Patients

Dementia is defined as a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily life. (1) Anyone who has ever witnessed dementia up close, knows that’s a very polite definition of it. Dementia is unpredictable and scary for everyone – the family, as well as the person affected directly. No one feels in control.

Dementia robs us of ourselves, and it robs our loved ones of us too. And, as if that weren’t terrible enough, it happens slowly. At first, you can’t remember the name of your dentist. Then one day, it’s your own child.
Daily Life With Dementia

When you have dementia, things big and small become a struggle. Remembering who your loved ones are is one of the more visible and difficult signs of dementia, but something as simple as remembering to drink water is one of the more immediate struggles. Depending on how dementia affects a person, remembering to drink water might not be as much of a problem as swallowing is. In a cruel twist, medications meant to alleviate the symptoms of dementia can cause dehydration.

This is sad, and scary, and probably something you don’t want to think too much about. Luckily, Lewis Hornby did all the legwork on this one, and now Jelly Drops are here. What are they? Think along the lines of itty-bitty bright and delicious edible water jellies. After his grandmother Pat was rushed to the hospital with severe dehydration, he knew he didn’t want to see this happen to her, or anyone else, ever again. So he hatched a plan. The Hydrate Pat Plan.

Mr. Hornby did a stellar job on the research and product development of Jelly Drops. He learned all the facts and figures he could about dementia, even employing virtual reality and sensory deprivation tools to gain a deeper understanding of what happens in the minds and bodies of patients. Immersing himself in practical study, he also spent time living in the nursing home with Pat, learning from doctors their thoughts on how to help this cause of preventing dehydration. (2)
Finally Some Good News

Jelly Drops will be available soon, which is wonderful for dementia patients everywhere! (3) The jellies come in six bright colors and flavors, which makes them interesting and worth exploring to dementia patients. They’re made of 90% water and contain thickening agents and electrolytes too. The gel-ness of the Jelly Drops make them accessible to those with difficulty swallowing, and electrolytes are a godsend for bodies which have already gone too long between drinks

The World Health Organization now estimates that dementia affects more than 50 million people worldwide. (4)

While scientists race to find a cure for this terrifying condition, good samaritans like Lewis are making the time we have with our loved ones a bit more comfortable, happy and predictable. Something as simple as hydration becomes even more important as a person’s body fights to find normalcy, struggles to feel clarity, and adjusts to what is reality. Thanks to these sweet little water jellies, hydration is one thing to check off the “to solve” list of problems that come with dementia.

Learn more about Jelly Drops here!

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