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Foota Hype Reacts To Attack From LGBT Community

Foota Hype has lashed out against LGBT activists who have taken aim at him in recent weeks.

The self proclaimed “viral king” has blasted his critics who he claims might be operating within the United States Embassy and the UK High Commission, to have his visas revoked.

According to the veteran deejay the two embassies were tagged by gay activists following a post he made last week showing two alleged Iranian men awaiting public execution for “homosexuality charges.”

“Today mi see some people a DM mi and a say ‘Foota, look weh dem post, look weh dem post.’ So you have f**ot, weh dem a bun mi out and a tag di US Embassy… and dem a tag di British Embassy. But me have message fi dem: ‘Anybaddy weh a tag di US Embassy; anybaddy weh oonu know inna US Embassy who a bttyman, weh oonu a look strength from fi lick weh Foota visa, oonu an dem go s**k oonu madda! Oonu an whosoeva a b*ttyman inna di US Embassy, go s**k oonu madda,” Foota said.

According to the deejay, he has no fears over losing his visas following the incident as in his opinion he is fighting a “spiritual war,” and is only concerned with the judgment of God, not mankind.

“Oonu frighten di deejay dem and some selecta bout visa. If me stuck no weh, a God want mi stuck deh and no powers pon earth can’t stop mi from achieve weh God want mi achieve. Me is a vessel enuh. Me is a vessel weh God use fi please him,” he said.

The controversial Dancehall figure went on to remind his detractors that he was successful long before he was ever granted a visa or work permit in any foreign country.

“So me no know weh oonu feel like say if oonu talk bout visa, mi a go dead. P*ssy!, mi born a Jamaica an neva did a fly. Mi live 20-odd years out a my life widout a fly go no weh and mi become star a Jamaica. Afta God give mi di power an di glory den di res a di world interested inna mi and den mi get visa.”

The disc jock’s unapologetic rant continued with him proclaiming that he has no problems finding work as he has been working since he was 14 years old in numerous fields.

“Mi a meck mi own money from mi a 14 a work a gas station an a fix people tyre an a work on site and hardware. Mi used to do handyman work ova Thermoplastic; I used to wash plate; mi used to do busboy work a Jade Garden up a Sovereign Centre. Mi used to do waitering work … all a dem ting deh. Visa no frighten mi.”

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