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Education Ministry Warns Against Dangerous Trip Jump Challenge

The Ministry of Education is urging school administrators and the wider community to crack down on a dangerous prank called the Jump Trip Challenge or the Tripping Jump Challenge.

In a statement over the weekend, the Ministry notes that there are several videos being circulated on the Internet showing students jumping and falling violently to the ground after being tripped by other students.

In this Tripping Jump challenge, three students are placed in a horizontal line with the person in the middle apparently unaware of what will happen.

The persons on both ends give the impression that all three will be jumping but instead the two on either side use their feet to trip the middle student who innocently jumps, causing that person to fall hard to the ground.

The Ministry is cautioning school administrators against the popular prank and are advising them to take every precaution to put an end the practice.

It says the prank demonstrates a lack of good judgment on the part of those involved and should not be tolerated.

The Ministry of Education is warning that students are partaking in the prank not realizing that a fall of such nature can cause serious physical, mental and emotional damage with great legal and financial implications.

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