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Dexta Daps Sparks Controversy Following Raunchy Video With Mystery Woman

Dexta Daps is back at it again!

The “No Underwear” crooner surely knows how to capture the attention of fans as he recently sparked controversy after posting a ranchy video of himself and mystery woman to Instagram.

In the video clip, the Dancehall superstar can be seen gyrating his pelvis on the female fan, while simultaneously spanking her as she arched over a pool table to the excitement of several bystanders who cheered him on.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions from fans online, with many cheering him on while requesting for him perform in their country, while others questioned if he failed to learn his lessons from a recent incident in Guyana.

“Come like yah nah learn from Guyana bad man,” one fan commented while another added, “Then you tell lie after the f*ck.”

The comments did not stop there as another fan joked “This is why yuh ass keep getting in trouble lol,” while another questioned “You must be the freest married man out there.”

Several of the women in the entertainer’s comments went on to express disappointment in the superstar, claiming that his conduct showed a total lack of respect for women.

Dexta Daps is best known for his raunchy songs and eye-opening videos, including his 2017 hit Bring it to the Owner, which was criticized by many as being borderline pornographic.

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