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Coronavirus update: Ministry isolates person with elevated temperature

One person who recently travelled to Jamaica from China has presented with an elevated temperature that has led health authorities to move them from quarantine to isolation.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness made the revelation in a statement a short while ago.

According to the ministry, the person has been isolated and samples will be taken by the National Influenza Centre and sent overseas for testing.

The ministry said this is the first instance in which a person has been moved from quarantine to isolation because a symptom of the coronavirus was detected.

The ministry said that between January 23 and February 8, a total of 116 persons arrived in the island who had previously been in China.

Twenty-seven persons were not allowed to enter the island; and another 78 were assessed as having low-risk and have been quarantined at home. The ministry said that up to February 9, 10 persons were quarantined in a facility operated by the ministry.

The ministry said it will continue to monitor the person in isolation for further developments and will advise the public.

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