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Chaos At Criminal Records Office

There were chaotic scenes today at the Constabulary’s Criminal Records Office in downtown, Kingston.

Scores of people vented their anger this afternoon because of what they’re describing as poor service delivery at the records office.

Late last year, the Jamaica Constabulary Force temporarily suspended the services offered by the CRO at its then Duke Street location in order for the office to be relocated to its new location.

The office was closed because preliminary results of air quality tests raised serious concerns about the quality of the air in the building.

When our news centre arrived at the Criminal Records Office close 2 p.m. today, we were told by a number of persons that they had been waiting for hours, only to be told that they would need to return another day.

Our news centre understands that there was an error with the date on some of the receipts given to the CRO customers who had applied for and were to collect their police record today.

A customer who reached out to Nationwide News described the CRO as one of the most inefficient government processes she has ever encountered. 

She also pointed out that there was an issue with the door used to enter and exit the building which for a while prevented persons from entering or leaving the building.

Another customer says the records office’s handling of the chaotic situation is unacceptable.

Efforts to get a comment from a representative at the CRO were unsuccessful.

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