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$1.5 Million raised for Teddy Bruckshut’s Funeral

Funeral arrangements for the late Leonard Forbes famously known as Louie Rankin appear to be a burden his family member can’t bare alone. On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, a GoFundMe account to neutralize funeral expenses for Rankin surfaced, leaving many with questions. Initially, when the GoFundMe account was created, people …

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From Hairdressing to Construction Worker – Spice’s Story

Alvina Hanna never shied away from hard work. In fact, she told THE STAR that it is something she enjoys. “I grew up and hear that by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread. nobody gonna take up bread and give you for the whole time, suh mi …

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8-year-old enjoys CSEC success

The first time that Josiah DiCarlo talked, he was reciting his ABCs. “One day I was driving home, and I was singing ‘ Every letter makes a sound‘. He didn’t even talk at the time, and I said the ‘A’ says, and I hear him seh, ‘A’. I forgot I …

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‘Take me back home’ – Athlete Twayne Crooks asked to be buried in Jamaica

Twayne Crooks dreamt of being the next big track star, but that dream was cut short last Sunday. The 23-year-old Jamaican athlete died from stage four stomach cancer in New Orleans, USA, and now his family is seeking help to bring his body home. “The Saturday he said to me, …

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Being without arms does not stop this four year old from enjoying life.

When Abigail Blake was 17, the joy of welcoming her baby boy Qwayne Brissette into the world was initially short-lived. That’s because Qwayne was born without arms, and at the time, Blake was shocked and confused. Her mother Angela Stephens said her daughter ran to her in panic but she …

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