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Businessman murdered in churchyard | News

A man was murdered on the grounds of a church in Kingston yesterday, moments after he exited his vehicle and was about the make his way to the place of worship.

The victim, Wayne Stanbury, is said to have survived a gun attack last year. He headed Berry-don Financial Services, which is based on King Street in Linstead, St Catherine.

“Dem gunman here don’t fraid a God?,” commented a man as he looked at blood stains on the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road where Stanbury fell. “Mi usually hear say people get shot up at funerals and dem tings deh, but to know say people go on God compound go kill it show yuh say dem nuh respect not even the Almighty. Mi frighten when mi realise what happen,” the man added.

According to the Constabulary Communications Unit, about 8:25 a.m., Stanbury, 50, was exiting his vehicle when he was approached by a lone gunman travelling on foot who shot him several times. The police were summoned and he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The police have not disclosed a motive for the killing but it appears that Stanbury may have been a marked man. One of Stanbury’s neighbours in the affluent Mickleton Heights community in Linstead St Catherine said he narrowly missed death in October after gunmen fired more than a dozen shots in his direction as he made his way home.

“Is 18 spent shells mi see the police dem take up. A same church mi hear say him did a come from and man fire bare shot at him and him get injured. Mi never see him much after that. Mi nuh know of him being involved in any wrongdoings still,” he said.

When THE STAR visited the house where Stanbury is said to have resided, the INTERCOM located at the gate, went unanswered and his neighbours were tight-lipped.

Barely cracking her window, a woman stated that she had not seen him for a while.

“I know he used to attend a church in Linstead but after an incident that happened late last year, I didn’t see him back. I really don’t know anything bad about him or why anyone would want to kill him. I just know him to operate the cambio in Linstead,” she said.

A man who described himself as a ‘brethren’ of Stanbury said he was an extremely hard-working and helpful person.

“Not gonna tell any lie, from mi know him, him a work. Is a whole lot of jobs him provide to people in the Linstead area and mi know people respect him because him was very active in the upliftment of the Linstead area. His death is really a blow to the entire business space,” he said.

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