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Alkaline Secures The Hottest Song In Jamaica – Big Tyma


Alkaline has the hottest song in Jamaica right now.

The Vendetta deejay’s new single Big Tyma, is currently trending at number one in Jamaica on YouTube.

Big Tyma is produced by Alkaline’s New Era Productions and distributed by InnerCat Music Group. The Dancehall banger racked up over 360,000 views since its release on November 8.

“G-wagon a class / Step inna it Me go fast / Inna ferragamo glass / Chop up di free way / Money up yeh we floss / But if yo bruk Get a cast / Dem want me spot and me nah gi dem nuh lay way,” Alkaline deejays. “Benjamin a hide Inna di duffle / Put me dwagz Inna some ice me buy me gyal dem couple bag / We live di life we got the money dem nuh have / Rich fi eva now we nah rely now rich to rug.”

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