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From Hairdressing to Construction Worker – Spice’s Story

Alvina Hanna never shied away from hard work. In fact, she told THE STAR that it is something she enjoys. “I grew up and hear that by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread. nobody gonna take up bread and give you for the whole time, suh mi …

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Alkaline Diss Vybz Kartel, Squash, Shabdon In “Nuh Mercy” Dancehall Banger

Alkaline unleashes his new diss track for Squash and Chronic Law, and he obliterates the competition. No one is safe, Alkaline disses Vybz Kartel, Heavy D, ShabDon, and Squash’s mother; Shelly, in the process. Squash may have to come out of his clash retirement for this one. Alkaline and Squash’s …

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Duppy transforms into bird

‘Blacks’ was never one to believe in duppy stories, even though, growing up, he always heard about rolling calves and fallen angels. Three months ago, however, he experienced something that changed his perspective and his beliefs. “Mi deh a mi house pan mi verandah a Kitson Town ’bout three in …

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8-year-old enjoys CSEC success

The first time that Josiah DiCarlo talked, he was reciting his ABCs. “One day I was driving home, and I was singing ‘ Every letter makes a sound‘. He didn’t even talk at the time, and I said the ‘A’ says, and I hear him seh, ‘A’. I forgot I …

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Cardi B Is A Vybz Kartel Stan, Gazanation Ready For The Collab

Cardi B is a whole Vybz Kartel stan and Gazanation is ready for the collaboration to drop. Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel is known as the king of dancehall, also dubbed by popular DJ Nicco as a dancehall God. Fans have been enjoying and loving his music for years and continue …

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Chronixx & Koffee To ‘Rapture’ Birmingham Fans On One Luv Show

Chronixx and Koffee sharing the same stage is legendary. Reggae and Dancehall fans in the UK are gearing up for what should be an epic night on Sunday, November 10, when Chronixx backed by his Zinc Fence Redemption Band and his compatriot, the high-riding Koffee take center stage at the …

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My Neighbor keeps Stealing My Clothespins

Dear Jamaica, I am so stressed. My neighbour and her children keep stealing my clothespins. I just can’t seem to catch them in the act but i know it’s them. Whenever I hang my clothes to dry, hours later some are always without clothespin and none are under the line. …

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‘Take me back home’ – Athlete Twayne Crooks asked to be buried in Jamaica

Twayne Crooks dreamt of being the next big track star, but that dream was cut short last Sunday. The 23-year-old Jamaican athlete died from stage four stomach cancer in New Orleans, USA, and now his family is seeking help to bring his body home. “The Saturday he said to me, …

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Stuck between a Soldier and a Scammer

Dear Jamaica, I don’t know how I got myself in this position but it all started when my high school boyfriend graduated and joined the JDF. They placed him to work on the other side of the country and the distance started to become an issue.The thought that you cannot …

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Jamaican single man helping others to find soulmates

A single man who operates a matchmaking business claims that he can help people find their soulmates. Rohan Taylor, a farmer, said he was in a relationship until recently (although he declined to say how long ago that is). He said that from time to time, he sees people on …

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