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11 year-old Student Shot In The Head Makes Full Recovery

11 Year Old Trishana Barett

The Holy Trinity student Trishana Barrett, 12 years of age, who was shot in the head and initially reported dead has made a full recovery.

Trishana had successive surgeries and is now said to be out of the hospital and home with her family.

On the opening day of school, September 6, 2019. she was on her way home from school when she was shot in the head by a lone gunman. She immediately fell to the ground unconscious and was rushed to the hospital by nearby witnesses.

According to reports, the gunman intended to kill an unarmed man, however, the weapon failed to discharge. The would-be victim ran off when the gunman attempted to shoot the man again, at that point, the weapon successfully discharged and the bullet hit Trishana in her head.

The incident happened just meters away from her home in the St Andrew South Police Division that is currently under a State of Public Emergency.

Trishana is now celebrating her 12th birthday today and says she is giving God thanks for a second chance at life.

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