Spice Records New Music About Her Emotional Breakdown


Just days after her emotional breakdown on social media, Spice took to the studio to record a new single.

Over the weekend, the newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” shared a heartfelt post on her Instagram account and begged her fans for prayers.

“I’ve been stabbed repeatedly by the people I love the most. I’ve been broken into a million pieces and only god alone knows how I’m still here. I have trust issues because of my past associates. It’s said that god gives his battles to his strongest soldiers. God alone is my refuge 🙏🏾 #PrayForMe #Thistooshallpass,” she wrote.

On Wednesday, Spice, whose given name is Grace Hamilton previewed an upcoming track about her current situation.

“Well I took my feelings to the studio……….,” she wrote. “🎶🎵Mama use to tell me friends not good for you girl, but I know I would learn the hard way. 😔Smile Inna yu face dem a chat behind yu back. Gwan like dem a sheep 🐑 but dem a wolf🐺 Inna pack. No make dem build yu weed wid lizard tail and gi yu crack. If walls could a talk to you trust me you would a shock. 🎵🎶”

Watch Below.