Skatta Burrell has responded to Tony Matterhorn’s recent outburst claiming he is not interested in another Reggae Sumfest World Clash.

The Downsound Records representative took to Instagram Live on Wednesday blasting the veteran selector and others who were critical of the rules for this year’s Reggae Sumfest World Clash.

According to Burrell, if Matterhorn and any other critics have any issues with the no profanity rules imposed by sponsors and organizers maybe they should consider staging their own clash series.

Last week the veteran disc jock announced that he would no longer be re-entering the popular clash series after his second place finish in the competition. Matterhorn claimed the rigid rules imposed by corporate Jamaica significantly limited his creativity.

Skatta expressed disappointment with the veteran disc jock’s statements saying “Matterhorn, me never know cursing that important to you that you a go boycott dancehall because yuh can’t curse.”

“Unuh fi step out and support because me nuh see nobody else a dweet. Nobody else nuh have no money to lose right now. If dem (corporate Jamaica) have a brand and dem have dem rules weh dem attach to it, if unuh can’t abide by dem rules then unuh find a different way out then nuh,” said Skatta.

According to Skatta, fans should be thankful for corporate Jamaica’s support as sound system culture has been on a steady decline for the last few years. He claims that companies are taking big gambles by supporting these events so if they have certain rules in place to uphold their image that should no problem.