Shauna Chyn has come under fire for allegedly lying about details relating to her recent cosmetic surgery.

Earlier this week the controversial recording artist revealed that she spent over JMD $2 Million to achieve her new banging body.

“I took the fat out of my back, belly, armpit and between my legs and put it in my bottom. I am now a 38 cup in my breasts,” the ‘Control Button’ singer said. “After the surgery, I was basically a baby again so I had to have a personal nurse for two weeks.”

However Dancehall fans believe Chyn is lying about the surgery cost, citing that she never spend even close to JMD $1 Million.

“Gyal yuh too rass like bout yuh spend almost 2M yuh tek Jamaicans fi fool?,” If you spend that much you must have your own house and car then,” one user chimed in. “Yo why tf you lying? to look popping you huh? A must God affi tell mi you spent 600k out of pocket.”

Another added that Shauna Chyn got a whopping discount on her procedure because she is an ambassador for the company,” Why is this heffer lying tho? We all know you a promote for Designer Body’s suh you might all never pay fi nothing.”

Shauna Chyn’s surgeons also denied that the prices she revealed came from their company, “Do not be fooled, that is not our price list,” they said.

Check out a breakdown of Shauna Chyn’s alleged surgery cost below.

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