Government Senator Kerensia Morrison on Friday pleaded with Jamaicans living overseas to “not send murder in a barrel” back home.

Senator Morrison made the appeal during her contribution to the debate to extend the state of emergency (SOE) in three police divisions in Kingston and St Andrew until January 7.

The SOE was declared by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on September 23 for an initial 14 days in the Kingston Western, Kingston Central and St Andrew South police divisions, to combat “rampant criminality” in the affected communities.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to extend the SOE, the third such measure imposed in Jamaica since January 18.

During her contribution to the debate, which approved the proposed three-month extension, Senator Morrison asked rhetorically: “Mr President, who’s sending these guns? Are guns manufactured here in Jamaica?”

The senator pointed to crime-fighting measures suggested by her colleague senators during their contributions to the debate, but said, “I also agree that we need to be aggressive in putting all the tools that are available in place to fight crime.”

According to Morrison, there has to be a partnership to fight crime here in Jamaica and also overseas.

“Mr President, we want those individuals, those people, those groups, those bodies, whoever they are, to stop it. Stop sending guns here.

“We can’t do it alone. Those responsible for shipping weapons to Jamaica must be found, and must be held accountable,” she stated.

Earlier this week, two shipments of guns and ammunition in barrels were intercepted by joint security teams in operations at Kingston Wharves.

In the face of the increasingly common development, Morrison made a special plea to Jamaicans living overseas to “help us to fight crime.

“We do not want any guns in any food barrel.

“Send us the school fee. Send the lunch money. Send the money to give youths a start. Do not send them murder in a barrel.”