Dalton Harris’ mother has sought to address the singers claims that he was abused as a child and was once homeless.

The X Factor UK finalist recently revealed that he experienced abuse in his childhood, and also opened up about the effect homelessness and poverty had on him.

“There’s a cut above my right eyebrow and cuts around my ears and head, but I grew my hair to hide them,” he recently told The Mirror. “There are more on my chest, arm, shoulder, back, thighs, legs and feet.”

“I was punched so hard by a guy dating my mum I crashed through a window.”

Dalton’s time as a child was spent with numerous siblings, living in two rooms with brothers and sisters, but also random lodgers, “My mum and dad never married and both have kids to other people. Dad’s side didn’t believe I belonged to them.”

“We never had electricity. Sometimes we couldn’t afford food. We brought water from the river. But it didn’t make me angry. Mornings were green and fresh, the sun had the brightest shine. We were poor but happy.”

The former Rising Stars winner also revealed that he was homeless during his teens and slept behind a shop, a church, in basements and beside the river.

Dalton’s success on The X Factor has given him something to cherish though, as he noted: “When I fin­­­ish a song, I touch my chest as I feel my heart is exploding, or I touch my head because I feel it’s unreal.

“My childhood had no love or support. Applause means, finally, I have value. When I sing I feel safe and free from everything I left behind. I’m in a room of happiness.”

Watch below as Dalton Harris’ mother speaks with popular vlogger Rawpa Crawpa.